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Construction Law Luxembourg

Fritz Zahnd

Specialist lawyer for construction and architect law

Avocat a la Cour (Luxembourg)

Lawyer (Germany)

Specialist lawyer for construction and architect law

Specialist lawyer for tax law

Certified consultant for criminal tax law (FU Hagen)

Holder of the Q training certificate from the Federal Bar Association



areas of activity

Tax and criminal tax law

Construction and Architectural Law

Cross-border commuter Germany/Luxembourg

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Building law in Luxembourg

RAttorney Fritz Zahnd  offers many years of experience in legal support for numerous large and medium-sized, national and international construction projects. 

We would be happy to take on a detailed examination of the construction contracts, the architect's contract, the work contracts, etc. and discuss any need for action with you. If conflicts arise during the construction phase or afterwards  due to construction defects or outstanding fee or wage claims or similar, we are the right partner to effectively assert your financial or warranty claims._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Luxembourg building law:

Information for builders, architects and construction companies 

The Luxembourg building code regulates all legal issues relating to the construction of real estate. In additioninclude, for example, the approval of construction projects, the execution of construction work and the billing of construction work. But responsibilities under building law and compliance with building regulations also play an important role.

Anyone wishing to build in Luxembourg must first apply for a building permit. It is issued by the competent authority if the building project complies with the applicable building regulations. In order for construction projects to be successfully completed, the execution of construction work must also comply with the regulations.

Luxembourg construction law also contains specific regulations on construction contracts and construction accounts. The client and construction company should therefore research the legal framework before concluding the construction contract. In the event of disputes about a construction project, the parties can also invoke the Construction Contract Act.

Overall, it is important for builders, architects and construction companies to be familiar with Luxembourg construction law in order to avoid legal problems and ensure a successful construction project.

Public building law

Public building law is a sub-area of German and Luxembourg law that deals with issues relating to the construction of buildings and facilities. Among other things, it regulates the issuing of building permits, compliance with building regulations and the implementation of building projects. Questions relating to the protection of monuments and the use of areas in the landscape are also regulated in public building law.

Architectural and engineering law is a sub-area of construction law that deals with the legal relationships and obligations of architects and engineers. Among other things, it regulates the liability of architects and engineers for defects in the buildings they plan or erect, the exercise of their professions and cooperation with builders and other persons involved. In Germany, architect and engineer law is regulated in various laws and ordinances, such as the Architects Act and the Engineers Act.

Architectural and engineering law

real estate law

Real estate law is the area of law that deals with the ownership and use of real estate. This includes private residential real estate law as well as public building law and property law. Real estate law regulates questions relating to the purchase, sale, rental and leasing of real estate, but also disputes over neighborhood rights or claims for damages in connection with real estate.

"Privates building law" is the German term for private building law, which describes the legal relationships and legal transactions between private parties involved in building projects. This may include property owners, developers, contractors and other professionals or companies involved in the planning, design and execution of construction projects. Private construction law encompasses a variety of issues that may arise during the construction process, including contract negotiations, liability for damages or defects, and disputes over payment or other terms. Private construction law can be complex and it is important that everyone involved in a construction project has a clear understanding of their rights and obligations under the law.

Private building rights

Christian Kunz

A really very good lawyer who has a high level of expertise. He explained facts in such a way that I was always informed about the current situation. In addition, his friendly manner also helped me to know at all times that my matter was in good hands with him. All in all, I can fully recommend him because of the good quality and his professionalism as well as the good price-performance ratio


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1150 Luxembourg


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